Is there a fee for a consultation?

No, Chateau Estate Holdings will meet with you free of charge, to discuss your options on how to proceed.

Can I be present during the estate sale?

 We recommend that you are not present, we have found in the past that many people find it emotionally difficult and choose to do something else during the sale.

 What can we do to help?

 Please remove any items from the property you do not want to sell, if possible. We do ask that all personal photographs and papers are removed from the home. As well as any food items, liquor. Please let us know of any weapons, we can sell them, but according to ATF any weapons made after 1889 needs to be sold to a licensed weapons dealer. Also leave the water, electrical and insurance intact.

Should we clean drawers and medicine cabinets before you start to prepare?

THE ONLY ITEMS WE CAN NOT SELL AND SHOULD BE DISPOSED OF IS: ANYTHING OPEN (IE:NAPKINS, PAPER PLATES, PAPER CUPS), ANY FOOD ITEMS OR ANY LIQUOR.No, we will clean out all the drawers and medicin cabinets as we set the sale. If there are items that the family members want to keep, but can’t remove from the home, we will place in an area of the home the public is not allowed (ie, bedroom, closet, garage, etc....)

Do we need antiques in order to have an estate sale? 

No, most estate sales have less than 10% antiques for sale. The best selling items are those with common everyday items. There are more shoppers out looking for common items than those looking for antiques. REMEMBER TO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY!

                                            What about cars or other larger items?                                         Sure, We will sell anything within reason and may allow people to buy them before the actual sale.

                                              What happens with my left over items?                                     There are always items that do not sell. We will dispose of these by the following methods:Leave them for you to take to a consignment shop (we work closely with one in Chandler and can get you started)Donate leftovers to the charity of your choice. (we can find one for you if desired, seller receives receipt for the donation)

                                        When do we recieve the check from our sale?                                    Within 3-5 business days of the ending date of the sale.